You are here: Home » Products » Kubota parts » 7P138-63310 ROTARY TILLER PTO U-JONIT SHAFT for Kubota KRL160 KRM180D RX220 rotary tiller Kubota spare parts

7P138-63310 ROTARY TILLER PTO U-JONIT SHAFT for Kubota KRL160 KRM180D RX220 rotary tiller Kubota spare parts

Introducing the 7P138-63310 Rotary Tiller PTO U-Joint Shaft, the perfect replacement part for your Kubota KRL160, KRM180D, or RX220 rotary tiller. This shaft is a genuine Kubota spare part, ensuring you get the quality you need to keep your machinery in top working condition.
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Designed specifically for Kubota rotary tillers, this PTO U-Joint Shaft is precision engineered to perfectly fit and perform in your equipment, reducing the risk of downtime and maintenance costs. Its durable construction, made from high-quality materials, makes it capable of standing up to the toughest tasks and conditions.

With universal joints made from hardened steel, and nickel-plated yokes for extra corrosion resistance, this versatile shaft can easily connect and transfer power from the tractor’s PTO to the rotary tiller. The high-performance design of this product further enhances its functionality, making it a reliable and durable addition to your Kubota rotary tiller.

This U-Joint Shaft is user-friendly and uncomplicated to install, enabling you to easily replace the old, worn-out shaft in your equipment. Its lightweight construction also makes it easy to handle and store.

In terms of compatibility, the 7P138-63310 Rotary Tiller PTO U-Joint Shaft is ideal for the Kubota KRL160, KRM180D, and RX220 models, saving you the time and effort required to figure out which part fits. It has a total length of 800mm, so it can be used with various Kubota rotary tillers with ease.

Ordering the 7P138-63310 Rotary Tiller PTO U-Joint Shaft is a smart investment for those in need of spare parts for their Kubota tractor or rotary tiller. By keeping your equipment operational with genuine Kubota spare parts, you enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity. This shaft is the perfect example of Kubota’s commitment to high-quality machinery that is built to last. Order today and experience the benefits of using genuine Kubota spare parts.





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